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Custom Dancewear and Swimwear

Dancewear, Costume bases and swimwear all customized to each client specifically to create a custom fit.  I create the design and send it to you for approval. Once the design is agreed on, I make a pattern and construct to your fit specifications.

If you see something that you really like, we can discuss doing something similar but personalizing the design so that it's unique for you.


SIZES: I make all sizes using an extensive list of measurements that I'll have you send to me. 


 PRICES:  Prices do vary based on creation of pattern, costs of fabrics, the level of intricacy.  Prices generally start at $85 and up. I will quote a firm price once we've discussed design details.


PAYMENT:  Non refundable deposit 50% to place your order to and begin sketching. It may be paid with any major credit card or Paypal.  The balance is due upon completion.


SHIPPING: Shipping will be flat Rate Priority Mail for Continental U.S. : currently $12.00.

For shipping rates outside of the U.S. , please contact me for exact shipping rates.


I am typically make dancewear and swimwear in off season  (Summertime)


Contact me  for quote 

or with any questions or when you're ready to get started!

Lisa Cera

Tel: 321-747-3272


The result: A creative custom look, unique to you!!

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